How Laser Spine Surgery In Georgia Works

Surgery In Georgia WorksIf you are suffering from back pain or pain related to the spine then spine surgery is for you. There are two types of surgical procedure on the spine: minimally invasive procedures and open or scalpel procedures. The open procedures require muscle stripping and larger incisions or cuts which can bring a great deal of pain to the patient before he fully recovers.

Open procedures also requires longer operating time, extended hospitalization time and recuperation time, and more anesthesia to numb the pain. Minimally invasive procedures on the other hand use tiny cuts or incision in the skin which where will be endoscope will be inserted.  These procedures results to lesser damages to the nerves and muscle tissues which means that less damage will be done and less pain for the patient and shorter period or hospitalization and recuperation.

One of the most favored type of minimally invasive spine surgery is laser spine surgery georgia. This type of minimally invasive procedure uses state of the art laser technology which separates or eliminates tissues that causes the pain.

Causes For Back And Spine Pain

Before you subject to surgery, make sure to see your doctor so you can determine the cause of your pain. The usual cause of back and spine pain which extends to the neck, lower back, arms, and legs are osteoporosis, arthritis, bulging or ruptured discs, muscle or ligament strain, and skeletal irregularities. Once the cause is determined, laser spine surgery georgia will be done to free you from the pain in those areas.

How Laser Spine Surgery Works

With the use of laser fiber needles, tiny incision will be made to access the affected area. Although there are no specific doctors for this procedure, the incision should be made precise and as small as possible with the use of the latest laser technology to carry out the purpose of the procedure which is to relive the patient from his pain minus the additional pain caused by the procedure itself.  Pressure will be removed from the affected and in case of ruptured or bulging discs; the inner core will be vaporized.

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